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The new DO35 Version 3 (DO35v3) 3500kg - ADR Rated

As caravans get heavier and weight distribution systems more wide spread, Cruisemaster went back to basics to produce the DO35v3 that can handle it all.

Forged steel, high quality polyurethane, laser cut stainless steel and precision casting has been brought together to increase the couplings strength yet also reduce weight. This updated DO35 is over 50% stronger than the outgoing model. These advanced processes have also allowed the elimination of hitch adaptors* allowing you to get on the road with less fuss.

For instructions on installation, maintenance and use refer the DO35 User Guide.

Available with or without handbrake. High articulation in all direction ensures the trailer always follows you in challenging terrains. High articulation also provides safety in the event of an accident on the road.

The DO35 features a simple positive locking mechanism. Once locked the Checklock cap is then fitted to keep the dirt out and to show that the coupling is securely attached.

This is the key to the success of the DO35. Combined our patented tow pin and view port, allows easy alignment of the vehicle and trailer even in technical terrain.

*Please note while the DO35’s E-Coat provides superior corrosion protection it may fade with extended exposure to UV. This does not effect the operation of the DO35. To best maintain the finish of the product, we recommend covering the DO35 coupling when not in use if stored outside and exposed to direct UV.