PENRITE PRO GEAR GL-5 75W-85 (Full Syn) - 2.5L

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Pro Gear GL-5 75W-85 is a premium full synthetic, API GL-5, SAE 75W-85, differential and transaxle gear oil manufactured with a blend of carefully selected synthetic base oils and purpose designed additives including an enhanced wear protection package to provide excellent load carrying ability and longer service life.

  • FULL SYNTHETIC base oils for maximum performance, protection and longer life
  • OPTIMISED for differentials requiring low viscosity API GL-5 fluid.
  • SUITED to many late model vehicle requirements
  • INCREASED oxidation stability, reducing harmful deposits
  • ENHANCED wear protection additive pack
  • SUITABLE for use in hypoid and limited slip differentials
  • PROVIDES fuel saving benefits over standard differential oils

Pro Gear GL-5 75W-85 is optimised for differentials, both hypoid and limited slip, transfer cases, manual transaxles and gearboxes in late model passenger cars, 4WD's and light commercial vehicles that specifically require the use of an API GL-5, SAE 75W-85 viscosity gear oil.

Pro Gear GL-5 75W-85 is suitable for use where MB 235.31, MB 235.62, MB 235.7, ZF TE-ML 18 is specified and where VW TL 521 45-X is required. It may be used in selected manual transmissions that require a SAE 75W-85 viscosity grade with API GL-5 specifications It can be used to improve shift quality in colder climates where either SAE 75W-90 or SAE 80 API GL-5 oils are specified.

Pro Gear GL-5 75W-85 85 is already dosed with the correct amount of friction additive for use in limited slip differentials, no extra additive is required.

NOTE: For manual gearboxes requiring an API GL-4, SAE 75W-85 viscosity gear oil, we recommend Penrite Pro Gear 75W-85. Pro Gear GL-5 is NOT a replacement for Pro Gear 75W-85