ROLA MKIII Titan Tray 2000 x 1400mm

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Titan Tray 2000 x 1400mm

The new MKIII Titan Tray is our most versatile flat tray ever. Building on the Titan Tray’s existing flexibility with patented channels on outer edge, this versatility has now been enhanced with dual channels on the top of each plank, centre entry point for side channels, corner entry points for top channels, adjustable plank position and hook attachment under planks accommodating “S” and “J” hooks.

Along with this new versatility, the tray has strengthened with Tray Rating increasing from 300kg to 400kg* yet it’s still light weight. The tray also has a new design including stipple powder coating for extra durability and styling.

Minimum required crossbar length when mounting on roof racks is 870mm.

* Load rating is vehicle specific, ensure you check your vehicles load rating and note that off-road capacity may be less than on road.


  • Dual channels on the top of each plank,
  • Outer edge channel includes new centre entry point
  • Top channels include new corner entry points for maximum usable space
  • Adjustable plank position to suit your load (including extra planks)
  • Hook attachment under planks accommodating “S” and “J” hooks eliminating the need for eye bolts and similar accessories
  • Up to 400kg* load
  • Stipple powder coating
  • Light weight