ROLA Titan Tray - Rails

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Titan Rails make it easy to secure a variety of gear on your roof. The lightweight, bolt-through rails easily transform your tray to a basket* and back again, giving you tie-down points wherever you need them.

Bolting through the outer tray frame, the Titan Rails provides the ultimate strength, while leaving the accessory channel clear for your other toys.

Sold in pairs with all hardware included, Titan Rails can be added to the front/rear and sides of your Titan Tray.

*Rooftop basket configuration not possible on TFT32014 tray (2000x1400mm)


  • Lightweight, durable anodised aluminium
  • Bolt-through installation, for maximum strength
  • Corrosion resistant for ultimate weather protection
  • Engineered and tested in Australia for the toughest of conditions
  • 5-year warranty