TRAILER KIT - 3500KG ELECTRO BRAKES - Includes Handbrake + Breakaway Kit

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Perfect for tandem axle trailers up to 3.5t GVM that require a cost effective braking solution on both axles.

This electric brake system has the following features:

Heavy-duty galvanised coupling with 3500kg capacity
Heavy-duty bearings capable of 1750kg per axle
Dacromet finish on hubs for high corrosion protection
Sealed controller unit
Elecbrakes In Cab Controller
Easy four wire connection for controller
10" Brake drums

Kit contents:
2 x Hub/Stubs Set 1750kg 5x4.5" PCD Braked Electric Drum
1 x Elecbrakes In Cab Controller
1 x Breakaway Kit 5 amp/hr incl battery, box & switch
1 x Adapter Flat 7pin to Flat 7-pin socket
1 x Handbrake Wire 15m w/ Pulley Clamps

Please select a stub diameter before purchase -

39mm diameter (fits 50x50x5mm SHS Axles)


55mm diameter (fits 65x65x5mm SHS Axles)

PCD: 5x4.5inch, 114.3mm
Load Rating: 3500kg