Trojan Cast Iron Hydraulic Calipers

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Caliper sets, except where shown, include 1 pair calipers, pads & mounting hardware. Brake pads are asbestos free. 

These are cast in SG iron for protection against corrosion in normal use (refer exception below). These calipers are fitted with a Phenolic Piston, which is a high strength nonrusting material. Fittings such as slide pins and blead screws, are brass while other fittings are Stainless Steel. These calipers have a stopping capacity of 1500kg per pair when used with 225mm dia rotors and 2000kg with 275mm dia rotors.

Please note - Trojan does not warrant cast iron calipers for marine use. We strongly recommend the use of Stainless-Steel Calipers (TPT1298) for marine use.